Meaning of flirting for women

It's no secret that flirting at an early stage means for women only one thing: to know what you’re doing and start a conversation to find out what kind a person you are. Flirting for them is a stable state of mind and develops in two directions: to say and do some things so that a man came to the conclusion who a woman really is. Here is a list of the most common questions, asked by a woman to herself:
  • What does he do?
  • Is he a cheerful one?
  • Is he an ambitious man?
  • Does he value sensual pleasures to be interesting in bed?
  • Will it be awkward to him if a girl introduces him to her friends?
  • Is he a gentleman?
  • What is more important for him: to be reliable or cheerful?
Women in dating with men have rather the investment approach: before closely acquainted with a guy, they carefully study all the details. This feature is associated with the desire to see the future of her relationship. 
Women hate to waste time on a relationship that afterwards bring them pain. That’s why women are so fond of all kinds of horoscopes and fortune-telling, because they promise interpretation of hidden events and insight to the future.

How to understand women’s intentions

Telling of life stories and the correct interpretation of woman’s words will help you to understand what she really wants. 

The right approach will create you all opportunities for the familiarity with a girl. To accomplish this, follow these tips:
  • Tell to a girl any life story - let she’ll understand what kind of human you are. It should be a real personal story, not just to support the conversation.
  • When you’ve listened her stories, find out which person she is and what her personality type - select the brightest her highlight and tell her, that you respect these qualities. No need to complicate, you can start with a simple "I think this your hobby is really outstanding". A woman will surely love such a compliment and it will help you to build an emotional connection.
  • When she tells you about herself, try yourself to grasp the meaning of her words. If a girl says she loves to travel do not tell her your travel story. Instead, ask if she likes the risk. Rate what the girl tells you, keep her words and you will quickly find common ground with her.
  • After establishing an emotional connection, it’s important not to overdo. If she likes to risk, you shouldn’t tell that you knew or assumed such quality in her; otherwise it would be a mistake and she (most likely) will tear off the conversation.
  • To interpret her words correctly, you can also turn to her with jokes. For example, if a girl says that she’s studying, but doesn’t say what namely she’s studying then you can say as a joke: "I think after graduation you’ll become a secret agent. How do you see in the superspy image?" Remember, when communicating online, that such jokes may be unsuccessful. Besides, the matter is complicated, when across cultural or language differences. For example, women from Russia are often very serious – it’ll not be easy to amuse them. Act carefully, be creative and you’ll easily understand the true meaning of a woman’s words.

Once you get to understand the nature of flirting and correctly interpret words during a conversation with a girl, you’ll be able to carry on a conversation on a variety of topics easily. In this way you can get accurate information about woman’s nature and habits, and also to establish a deep emotional connection with her.


Fascinating personal stories - the key to your success: why and how you should told life stories on dates and when meeting women

Why you should use a life (personal) narrative

One of the key episodes of successful dating necessarily involves telling some personal story. Please, note that women often carefully delve into such stories; so, the ability to present a good and sincere personal story is very a important and useful skill for any man. 
In this article we'll try to give you useful tips on how namely and when you'd use personal stories from your life, when dating.

The value of personal stories

A good personal story, told for a couple of minutes, has a truly crucial meaning for several reasons:
  • It gently puts initial intense atmosphere of your meeting into less tense and removes the awkwardness in communication. There's a certain type of women, who feel large uncomfortable if everyone is silent. This can happen, if you're waiting for a waiter in a restaurant, or when you spend her home, and suddenly appear uneasy silence on the way. That's why a fascinating personal story is a great way to avoid potential embarrassment.
  • It quickly and very clearly reflects the uniqueness of your personality, because you don't have a lot of time to create strong relationships, and personal story helps to do this. An interesting life story will show the girl what kind of men you are: who loves travels and adventures, attentive and cheerful. And all this she'll understand in just 2-3 minutes (if you tell your story skillfully), and believe that this story she will remember for a very long time.
  • A life story helps psychologically: you have confidence that you'll not fall into awkward silence - many are worried because of this. Having in stock a few interesting life stories, you'll always find a way to keep a fascinating conversation with your girl.
  • A life story gives solace to a woman that she doesn't need to build the entire conversation herself. When you begin to communicate with a girl, she's always nervous that the subject will soon be exhausted and there will be an awkward pause. Telling her a stirring personal story for a couple of minutes, you will comfort her, because she'll exactly know - you will always be able to continue the conversation and make it interesting.
Now you need to learn some key points, important for every gentleman: how to talk the first time, how to express your idea quickly and when namely make transitions between different stories.

The key moments in telling of personal stories

Below we give some key points to build good and interesting personal stories:
  • Select a topic of your story
  • The moment when you saw or made yourself something fun and unusual. Naturally, all unusual causes true interest; it shows that you are able to get pleasure from life and go beyond the daily routine. For example: “Recently at the London airport I saw a guy, dressed as something unusual. It was difficult to understand whether he would a model or an ordinary homeless. Let me tell you what he was wearing...”
  • The moment, when after your arrival happened something funny. This will show that you are continuously exploring the world and able to work, even when the plans violated. A good topic for stories – travels, because of they are usually interest to all women and immediately enliven the conversation. Example: “Last year I was in Sicily, where visited small poor towns there. One night I was sitting in a local street cafĂ© and suddenly heard playing music in the distance. My friends and I went on the music sounds to see what happened there...”
  • Tell about a fun social event, where you'd participated. This will show that you are an optimist in life and love funny things, which the girl will likely want to join too.
  • Create a small voltage and then eliminate it. Each personal story start with creating a voltage so that the woman wondered "what happened next and how it all ended. This is an important moment in maintaining your interlocutor's interest.
  • Do not keep the voltage for long - people usually keep short concentration. So do not be distracted or add extra. Your goal is not in a maximum long story, and in such history, which would have expressed your life position and character traits.
  • Do not brag! The mistake of many men - telling of stories, which that represent them as heroes. We do not recommend doing so; it doesn't attract women – they can feel false and simply a desire to impress. Often this immediately shows an insecure person, trying to invent a heroic story. For example, it's better to say that attending the show with a mechanical bull you were dropped on the ground by it, than telling you've defeated everybody and won the contest. The girl will respect you just for your cheerful disposition and love to adventures. The fact that bull had dropped you on the ground will show her, that you're a self-confident man and do not try to make some impression on her.

The ability to tell interesting personal stories is the most important part of dating that shows you a real gentleman. A pair of fascinating and exciting stories will raise your relationship to a whole new level. Adhering to these tips you will spend a successful first date and create a favorable atmosphere for the continuation of your relationship.